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About Me

Hi, I'm Chris! Writing about myself is kind of awkward, and something that I am clearly not comfortable with, so rather than telling you what I am, let me tell you what I'm not. I was not trained in the fine arts. I did not receive a degree in industrial design. I don’t come from a long line of designers or craftsman.

2008 was when I first became interested in design. The short version goes: my wife and I bought a house, I started designing things for said house, started drawing furniture for fun, enrolled in a couple woodworking classes at a community college to see if my designs would work in reality, found that I was decent at it and really enjoyed it, turned the garage into a workshop, built a few things, started a business, sold pieces for 4 years, became tired of building the same pieces over and over, felt my skills were stagnating, started a YouTube channel instead...and here we are.