When I started building furniture one of my dreams - and a promise I made to myself - was that I'd be able to offer it to folks at a reasonable price. When I started running a business, and became more familiar with how custom/commissioned furniture works, I quickly realized that my dream was just that...and little more. 

Today, I'm finally making good on that promise by partnering with Woodcastle furniture in order to bring you some of my original designs at a price that I simply would never be capable of achieving on my own. 

Woodcastle furniture has been manufacturing furniture for over 39 years, right here in America (Albany, OR). All of their pieces use solid hardwood construction and have CARB compliant finishes. So not only is the furniture more affordable - it's also as high, or in some cases higher, quality than what I am able to produce.

I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity. So browse our offerings below - and check back frequently as we expand on our selection.


UPDATE: I gave it a shot and it didn't work out. But that's good news for you because now you can own these pieces at Close Out Prices.





Coffee Table / Bench

This popular bench is also being used as a small coffee table. This mid-Century look has multiple angles making it interesting to view and hard to reproduce. This was the very first video on Chris' YouTube channel.

Dimensions: 48"w x 19"d x 14.5"h

Available Finishes: Unfinished, Clear Lacquer Natural, Hampton Walnut, Obsidian

Price: $195 - $275



Media Console / Credenza

A credenza with a reputation. One of the more unique pieces with a trapezoidal shape. 

Dimensions: 50"w x 18"d x 29"h

Available Finishes: Unfinished, Hampton Walnut, Obsidian(Charcoal Drawers)

Price: $475



Bookcase / Storage

This storage cabinet is trans-formative. Organizes, streamlines and brings styling to your room. Slightly smaller than the original. Beautiful asymmetric design.

Dimensions: 42"w x 20"d x 84"h

Available Finishes: Unfinished, Hampton Walnut, Obsidian

Price: $545



Each piece is available in a variety of different finishes along with the option to receive your piece unfinished at a savings of roughly 15-20% of the total cost. Wood Castle employs "pre-catalyzed," specially formulated lacquers in their multi-step finishing process. After careful hand sanding, two or more lacquer coats are sprayed on each piece, building a "cross-linked" finish that gives excellent resistance to moisture and mars, and only requires minimal care moving forward.